Sunday, May 19, 2013

Second WBO (Water Based Oils) portrait - Antony

Here, I have attempted to paint a colleague with skin close to the darker end of the scale. My previous attempts of painting dark human skin have yielded varied results, to say the least.

Starting out with a fairly accurate drawing, and awful background (I seem to have NO sense for colour combination):

Here, the face is worked in and reasonably similar to the model:

I felt the background was awfully flat, and the shirt needed some strengthening:

This is not too far off the original. Now this has to sit for a week or more, as the WBO takes forever to dry. I will add, though, that the facial expression on the photograph seems more stern than that of the painting, when viewed directly. What could be the reason for that??

Water-based Oils on canvas, approx. 46 x 61 cm

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Halfway done

This picture is halfway done, but I won't finish it, as it is going the wrong way. Too much detail and yet not enough. Or vice-versa. Was inspired by an old photograph someone posted on the web, somewhere.

Fiddled with Gimp, to remove some glare from photographing the painting in the sunshine.

Size 46 x 60 cm, water-soluble oils (my first attempt with such)