Sunday, March 14, 2010

More charcoal drawings (March 13, part b)

More drawings from the same batch. Again, charcoal, on 65 x 80 cm paper

More charcoal drawings (March 13, part a)

These were made on white paper with Polish charcoal, which is softer and more reliably uniform than the home-made batch.

All on sketch paper, A1 size (ca 65 x 80 cm )

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here's how to do it

A friend pointed me to the following link

This is the way to do it, I guess.

Seems I am drawing nothing but pentimenti.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Drawing course, Day 2, part pm

Still some more drawings, made on the second day of the
workshop, see postings below for the first few.

Drawing course, Day 2, part am

More of the same.

I am too impatient to make decent photographs of these drawings.
It seems I am working all the proper daylight hours, and have to
photograph these in the dark. The result is crummy photographs.
Ah well, nobody looks at these anyway.

Drawing course, Day 1, part b

Another model, same day. Still Icelandic, handmade, charcoal on 40 x 60 cm newsprint.

Another drawing course, Day 1

This February I took part in a model drawing course by Mag. Michaela Ghisetti, in Vienna. She had arranged for four models to pose.
For most of my drawings these two days, I used charcoal which I made myself, from some branches from my garden, and barbequeued last summer. The charcoal was a bit hard, and rough, and not very black. The paper was 40 x 60 cm newsprint or 40 x 60 cm. sketching paper. I also made a couple of drawings with pencil or red chalk. Those didn't turn out well, and didn't photograph nicely.