Saturday, December 4, 2010

More pictures from the KunstFabrik course

I had myself a spatula and paint, but no motives; fortunately there were some ad-inserts in the newspaper, including a commercial from Julius Meinl. Here are two quick pictures inspired by the ad. (The paper was white, the whole color scheme is off in the photographs).

The same newspaper had a small photo of some Jazz pianist, plying his trade, but as I ripped the photo out of the paper, I missed the name, so I don't know who this is supposed to be.
Acrylics, on aquarelle paper, some 75 x 90 cm

Finally, a regular brush-paint "alla prima" portrait of a woman, the original was a photo some 10 by 15 cm in size. To nip complaints in the bud: the famous 'beauty spot' on the left cheek disappears exactly into the fold, this is fairly rare in photos of her.


Robb N. Johnston said...

Love the meat!

Anonymous said...

Krúttlegt að sjá þig mála Tryggvi minn:)
Fínar myndir - ekki síst portrettin.
Já og cutlettin:)
kv, Imba