Sunday, September 26, 2010

Old Friend

The other day I got convinced I needed to try painting with Egg Tempera.

Here's my first attempt: a portrait on wooden board, of an old friend. To
protect the innocent, I won't mention any names, not that the person could
necessarily be identified from this painting ..

I started out with three basic colors + white, but gave up on that, as all
colors came out muddy. Sometimes one needs clear black.

The mount is a wooden board, 20 x 30 cm., gessoed, and polished with
sandpaper, re-gessoed, re-polished, ..
Lots of work, that. Too much, really.


Anonymous said...

Er þetta Finnbogi?
Alveg eins og hann :)
kv, Imba

Anonymous said...

Finnbogi að setja upp skelfilegan svip, já.
Takk fyrir innlitið.