Saturday, May 29, 2010

A spouse for the Erzherzog

It was high time the Erzherzog got himself a spouse;
the setup of this painting is taken from one of madam
Henriette Alexandrine Friederike Wilhelmine Prinzessin von Nassau-Weilburg, who in 1815 was married to our Erzherzog Karl.
I used a more familiar head, though.

This portrait is made on masonite, again coated with some white layer which I sanded a bit, to increase adhesion of the acrylic paint. It is done in acrylics. This is the same size as the last posted portrait, 40 by 50 centimeters.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Erzherzog Edwald

After a hiatus, and a couple of lousy paintings that I won't post here, I have made a portrait, this time of myself, having borrowed the jacket from Erzherzog Karl, one of the important Habsburgers, late 19th century. This is painted with acrylics on 40 x 50 cm masonite, which had been coated with a white film. The paint didn't want to stick to the film surface very well. I guess I should have used the other side, and done the ground work myself. Or, roughed the white surface up with sandpaper before painting.

Anyhow, this portrait took a couple of evenings, and I think I might record my progression with an annual self-portrait. Possibly I will end up with a heap of them, like Rembrandt did.