Friday, September 25, 2009

Acrylic painting course, KunstFabrik Wien, Sept. 2009

Last weekend, I took a three-day course in acrylic painting, with focus on portraiture at the KunstFabrik Wien (same place as last year; see: ). The teacher this time was one Bogdan Pascu, more about him here: ).

As usual, the photographs add some problems of their own; this time, it is glare, which comes from the camera flash reflection. The paintings have a little more color to them, honest!

Here is a photo from the course, with me and my friend, Ivan the Terrible, Jr.

I managed four large portraits, of unknown people, from photographs, of which two were small photos from a newspaper article.

All paintings are acrylics, on cardboard, approx. 105 x 75 cm.

This painting started out as a misunderstanding; I thought I was to mimic Freud's painting style, but the instructor wanted me to apply some theory to the composition, so the outcome is not too great in either perspective.

This character got in the news because of a misunderstanding over a credit-card charge of 32.580 Euro. Hopefully this is all settled by now. He is a famous actor in the "Deutschspraechisches Raum".

This ugly bugger is a member of some military or other, though I couldn't say which. Probably doesn't matter.

And, finally, I don't remember the name of this chap, but he is a writer, interviewed in a french newspaper (couldn't tell why).