Monday, October 26, 2009

Drawing course III - body parts or details

The instructor got tired of the classical poses, I guess, so now we did a few body parts in isolation;
the paper is the same light brown/gray pastel paper, approx. 50 x 70 cm size; chalk.

Drawing course II

Michaela the instructor convinced me to try Rötel, i.e. the red earth chalk, on colored paper.

The ones below were drawn with pencil-like sticks, some with the chalk in the form of square sticks, as very dry pastels. All of this needed to be fixed with aerosol fixative. The images below are from two sessions, the model would normally stay still in each pose for about 15 minutes. The earliest attempts first, then more recent ones. The paper is light brown/gray, and fits the chalk colors nicely. I used white chalk for highlights, as is customary. First, I mixed the various chalk colors, then realized this was no good, and went against tradition. All the drawings are made on the same type of pastel-paper, maybe 70 x 50 cm in size.

New drawing course

I'm now taking a drawing course at the Kummer art store ( ), where the instructor is one Michaela Ghisetti, a professional artist.

First, I tried to paint with acrylics on paper, the sessions were about 25 minutes per pose. Most of this batch went in the can, but there were two I thought weren't as bad as the rest:

Both are about 70 x 60 cm, on glossy paper with a little surface texture. The paper is white, despite how it turns out here. The photos were made in late afternoon, on the shady side of the house, I guess that was a mistake.