Friday, April 10, 2009

The Tax Collector II

Tax season is just past, and I had some image of the prototype tax collector in my head, that I needed to get out.

Here he is, the bugger.

The first version of this picture had a flesh-toned shirt, which was a poor choice of color. While it might be a suitable shirt color for a government tax collector, it made the picture even more bland than it is now. The current, reddish, color of shirt might be more like one that a wife had purchased, but it livens up the picture a bit.

This "portrait" is artificial, that is, painted from scratch without a model. The face, etc. are created out of nothing but standard measures of average heads and faces. Hence this looks like noone I know, and isn't supposed to.

Acrylics on watercolor paper, ca 56 by 76 cm.


Anonymous said...

Most excellent work, Tryggvi. You've got a real talent for acrylics and portraiture.

One question: where are the horns and dripping fangs on The Tax Collector?? I'd say you were very charitable to the fellow...I hope he returns the favor.


Tryggvi Edwald said...

Hi Robb. I don't much like this portrait, except that I was reasonably happy with the 'artificial face'. The rest is uninspired. I am much more satisfied with the Czech inventors of the beer, the "Braumeisters" below.
But thanks for the comments, and the visit!

Merisi said...


You sure this is not some youthful portrait of Jack Nicholson? ;-)