Sunday, March 15, 2009

Die Braumeisters

While doing 'research' for an evening out with my friend Þórður, I came upon a photo of some Czech brewers, presumably testing the Pilsner Prazdroj, before letting it loose. I found the photo to be so appetizing I wanted to see if I could make a proper painting out of it, with some consideration to the position of light, etc. This is the result, from my weekend. Not quite Vermeer, but some effect of the position of the light sources can be seen. Of course, drawing the photo from the computer screen, some distortion has taken place, both on purpose and by accident. There are fewer people present, less space, the poor chaps look less human...

Acrylics on aquarell paper, ca. 56 x 76 cm.

(Incidentally, this Hahnemuehle watercolour-paper is not very pleasant to use with acrylics; it has too much 'bite' and a lot of time needs to be spent filling 'holes' to get a smooth surface. Perhaps I should have prepared it with some base layer before painting on it. It is probably superb for actual watercolour use.

(Note: the diagonal streaks visible in the larger version (click on the image) are caused by me trying to color balance the digital image. They are not in the original painting.)


TAP said...

Því meira sem ég skoða þessa mynd því dásamlegri finnst mér hún. Alveg óborganlega heillandi þessir karakterar!
Svo stafar ljósið frá þeim sjálfum eins og í myndum franska málarans Georges de la Tour. Frábært!

Anonymous said...

Mjög flott!
Til hamingju með afmælið.
kv. Imba

rochambeau said...

Hi Tryggvi,
This painting is fabulous! I found you though a very talented and lovely person~ Earla!! Congratulations on your blog and your great works of art!