Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family portraits, late 2008

I tried to paint portraits of my relatives; they are all done with acrylics on 50 x 65 cm paper, and were drawn after one or more photos. I display one or more photos on the screen of my Mac, and draw the image onto the paper, using pencil and eraser.
It isn't the same as drawing from a live model, and I will eventually ask people to come sit for me. When I get better at this.

The first one here is one of my father, wearing a hat in the style of the Czech 'Good Soldier Svejk':

My mother (who was it that said 'a portrait is a painting of a person's face, where there is something not quite right about the mouth'? ):

And my mother-in-law: (This one is probably the best of the bunch)


dainfomaster said...

RE: "The Good Soldier Svejk"

Make sure you get the new English translation of The Good Soldier Svejk available at

More information about the Svejk phenomenon at http://SvejkCentral.

Also, Svejk is on FaceBook now:

dainfomaster said...

I meant to tell you, those are nice family portraits. Reminds me of my own father painting everything and everybody when I was growing up. Your paintings beat any color photograph. Keep it up. :-)