Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Burqa Series

I became interested in the Burqa, partially because a friend of mine is
currently stationed in Afghanistan.

The first picture here is a portrait of a young, exceedingly beautiful woman,
done with a plastic spatula, the shape of a credit card or so. This style of
painting is suitable for some subjects, it is arguable whether it works here.
One needs to back a bit away and squint a little, then it looks sort of OK.

(Acrylics on paper, ca 50 x 65 cm )

The second one I have done in this series is entitled "A Sunday morning in
Gethsemane Park" and features a peaceful family scene. This is done with
regular brush and "dry" acrylic paint. I was aiming to show the folds of the
fabrics, but probably got carried away.

(Acrylics on paper, ca 50 x 65 cm. )

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